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KAMPUCHEA SËLA HANDICAP (KSH) project has been initiated by experienced Cambodian social workers specialized in mental disabilities issus for child and adults. A significant part of KSH team members had been supported by NGO several years ago when they were young, offering them education and training to be easily integrated in society.

Today they want at their turn to help and contribute for a more human & equal society.

Most NGOs working in the field of disability in Cambodia work with minors, with no real solution when they reach adulthood (up to 18 years old).

Moreover, the idea that people with intellectual disabilities can work remains a a difficult concept to assimilate for Cambodian culture.

We want a world where people with disabilities could be considered as every human being, as contributing, integrated citizens who feel loved & recognised within society.


To welcome and make grow our future residents in optimal environment.

Our experienced Cambodian social workers specialized in adult mental disabilities issus, decided to prioritize a section of the population in a disability situation.

Type and Level of Disability

1, Mental Retardation

2, Down Syndrome

3, Mild Autistic or Mild Autism

4, Cerebral Palsy or Epilepsy


LOGO KSH-01.png

SEILA means a rock, a stone in Khmer, we could liken SEILA to the rock around which everyone gathers, clinging to the choices and difficulties of life.


SEILA, the rock also represents the philosophy and the state of mind of our NGO through the fight that our educative team will lead and the unfailing perseverance that young people with mental disabilities have to feel considered and find their place in this  Cambodian society.

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